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Meaningful Moves: Tips for Moving an Aging Loved One Closer

When you have an aging parent or loved one, it’s natural to want to do everything you can to help them stay independent and happy...

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Using Your ADU as a Rental? Here’s What YouNeed to Know

Have you been thinking about using your ADU as a rental unit, but you’re just not sure where to start? The potential earnings and benefits of renting your ADU are endless, but given that every city has its own ADU zoning restrictions, HOA regulations, and building laws, actually renting out the unit can be difficult. For example, laws surrounding rental ADUs from Los Angeles, CA are completely different from the laws in Houston, TX. To help you learn more, we reached out to ADU experts to share their best advice and tips about using your ADU as a rental unit. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

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Putting the “Why” in DIY – Building a Community of Competence and Confidence in Construction

Populations grow, and housing is needed. Couple that with fewer people entering the trades and we can all see that change is needed. Promotion of more trade schools, mentorship and training programs, and innovative ways in which you can build homes are all part of the answer.

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The Construction Industry Driving on Auto-Pilot - Solid Wood Panels are the Innovation We've Been Waiting For

We’ve all heard that innovation is the mother of necessity. Fuel efficiency standards have pushed the auto industry into the future. They didn’t like it at first, but some have committed to an all-electric future by 2030 because they see the industry evolving and need to be a part of it or go extinct. Energy regulations in housing and the cost to construct are having a similar effect on the construction industry.

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The Dollars and "Sense" Behind Adding Accessory Buildings to Your Property - How to Turn Equity Into Cash-flow, Without Having to Sell

An accessory dwelling unit is an actual house that is considered subordinate to your existing home. It will undoubtedly increase equity in your property over the long run, but what are they and can you turn a profit in the short term by building one?

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